The Direct Action Co. Inc.

The Direct Action Co. strives to create equine and pet supplement to help improve the lives of your animals and pets. We combine the highest quality vitamins and minerals to create products that will allow your animals to thrive and perform at the highest levels.

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dac® Pre Buff

dac® Pre Buff is a mineral and amino acid supplement to help maintain proper gut pH in all classes of horses   

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dac® Tear Stain Remover

Uses natural oils & extracts to safely remove and prevent topical stains on your pet’s fur around the eyes. Naturally derived surfactants cleanse stained areas. Overall formula has aromatherapeutic effects. Effective results are sure to enhance & brighten your pet’s eyes.

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dac® Electrolyte Replacement

uses electrolytes and minerals to maintain well balanced hydration levels and replace electrolytes lost due to illness, high activity levels, and heat conditions. Also great for use with pets training in agility & hunting.

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dac® Ear Cleaner

uses natural oils & extracts to safely remove debris and eliminate odors in your pet’s ears. Its specialized blend & soothing action maintains a healthy, moisturized inner ear environment.

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Christmas and New Year's Hours

CLOSED 12/23/22 thru 12/26/22 AND 12/30/22 thru 1/2/23
Online orders placed after Wednesday 12/21/22 AND 12/28/22
will be processed Tuesday 12/27/22 AND 1/3/23

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